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Address: Vojkova cesta 55, 1000 Ljubljana, SI 

Phone: +386 1 471 80 27

Fax: +386 1 431 80 32

E-mail: irso(at)



Chief Defence Inspector: Roman ZUPANEC, M. Sc.



Organization and areas of work


Defence Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia (hereinafter: the Inspectorate) is a constituent body of the Ministry of Defence. It conducts inspections regarding the implementation of laws and other regulations as well as command and control acts in the defence field, inspections regarding the processing of defence-related classified information, inspections regarding the critical infrastructure and tasks pertaining to minor offences authority on the first level.


The Inspectorate's position, areas of work and tasks are laid down in Articles 86 and 87 of Defence Act, Article 42.a of the Classified Information Act, Article 28 of the Critical Infrastructure Act and Article 45 of the Minor Offences Act. The Inspection Act specifies general principles of inspections, status, rights and obligations of inspectors as well as their powers, inspection procedures, inspection measures and other issues related to inspections. Any other procedural aspects of inspections not specified in the regulations mentioned above are governed by the General Administrative Procedure Act.


In accordance with Article 45 of the Minor Offences Act, the Inspectorate functions as the minor offence authority, and defence inspectors act as authorised officials responsible for minor offence proceedings and decisions on the first level.


The Inspectorate is divided into Division for Military Defence Inspections and Division for Inspections in Civil Defence, Administration and Defence-Related Professional Matters.