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Address: Vojkova cesta 55, 1000 Ljubljana, SI
Phone: +386 1 471 22 11
Fax: +386 1 471 16 50
E-mail: glavna.pisarna.gssv(at)


Chief of General Staff:Major General Alenka Ermenc


Purpose and mission

The General Staff of the Slovenian Armed Forces is the highest military professional body charged with the development, planning, organization, training and operations of the Slovenian Armed Forces.


The General Staff of the Slovenian Armed Forces is also the highest commanding authority of the military. Its fundamental purpose and mission are implemented through completion of military professional tasks related to force planning and development, the organization of the military, the provision of capabilities, and the modernization and equipping of the military. It also plans and coordinates cooperation, integration and participation of the Slovenian Armed Forces within international establishments.


The General Staff carries out the following tasks: 

  • Develops the national military defence concept,
  • Makes military-strategic assessments of the Republic of Slovenia’s status,
  • Makes assessments of future events and related responses,
  • Provides consultancy to the Defence Minister and the Government on military matters,
  • Participates in the development of defence strategy, develops concepts and directs the development of military defence,
  • Plans the development, organization and structure of the Slovenian Armed Forces, and carries out the military part of defence and force planning,
  • Guides the development of doctrines and concepts concerning the education and training systems,
  • Sets the objectives and guidelines concerning planning, education, training and exercises,
  • Directs logistic support of the operations performed by the Slovenian Armed Forces,
  • Directs and coordinates the development of the infrastructure and spatial planning of the Slovenian Armed Forces,
  • Directs the system of the Slovenian Armed Forces combat and mobilization readiness,
  • Directs wartime planning and operational planning of the Slovenian Armed Forces as required by the Alliance and the UN,
  • Participates in protection and relief efforts in the event of a natural or other disaster, based on its organisation and equipping level and in line with Governmental decisions.