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Main Areas of Activity

The Ministry of Defence carries out administrative and professional tasks related to: 


  • the national defence plan;
  • development, organisation, equipment, functioning, and command and control of the Slovenian Armed Forces;
  • preparation of civil defence, administrative communications and cryptographic protection within the defence system;
  • military schools;
  • organisation, preparation and implementation of the system for civil protection and disaster relief, and rights and duties of citizens with respect to defence, civil protection and disaster relief.


1. Reorganisation of the administrative part of the Ministry of Defence and the ACPDR
On the basis of the conclusions of the Strategic Defence Sector Review 2009 and owing to a radical reduction of 2009 and 2010 defence budget resources, and anticipated budget breakdowns according to policies for 2011 and 2012, the Ministry of Defence is in the process of reorganising the administrative part of the Ministry of Defence and the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Protection and Disaster Relief. The aim of this reorganisation is to optimise working processes and incorporate them in a more suitable way; to streamline the number of organisational units, and to reduce the management level in separate organisational units. This will enable a more efficient transfer of information and decision-making.


2. Changes in the regulatory framework
The most important task in this area is the preparation of amendments to the Defence Act. Their main aim is to regulate the organisation of the defence system and defence forces in line with the future development concept, as well as to regulate the crisis management system with regard to the hitherto civil defence arrangement. The plans include the adoption of a new Defence Strategy of the Republic of Slovenia by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, and drafting of a Medium-Term Defence Programme proposal for the period of 2013 – 2018 (or 2020).


3. Main efforts of the Slovenian Armed Forces
The Slovenian Armed Forces will take part in the transformed NATO Command Structure. The equipping for the formation of a medium battalion battle group will be underway.


4. International defence and military cooperation
We will continue our active cooperation with the neighbouring countries, Western Balkan countries and the strategic partners of the Republic of Slovenia in international operations and missions, mainly NATO, the UN and the OSCE.


5. Participation in international operations and missions
Special care will be devoted to further implementation of the provisions of the Strategy of the Participation of the Republic of Slovenia in International Operations and Missions, particularly with regard to the enhancement of public diplomacy activities. In autumn 2011, a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of Slovenian and international presence in international forces in Afghanistan will be made in line with a decision of the National Assembly Committee on Foreign Policy.


6. National defence exercise
Simultaneously with the planning of NATO exercise CMX 11, a national crisis management exercise will take place in spring 2011. The exercise will test the responsiveness of the country to major crises in the region, and the functioning of the defence system in fierce conditions.


7. Crisis management and governance
We will provide for further development of the defence system civilian (non-military) capabilities and the adjustment to modern sources of threat. This closely relates to the transformation of the existing civil defence system and the establishment of crisis management at sectoral and state levels.


8. Main efforts of the Administration of the RS for Protection and Disaster Relief
The Administration of the RS for Protection and Disaster Relief will proceed with the following key tasks: enhancing the prevention by forming a platform for the protection against natural and other disasters, ensuring responsiveness of rescue units to modern sources of threat during natural and other disasters, and, thereby, further providing the adjustment, equipping, training and functioning of the protection and disaster relief system to intervene in national and international environments.


9. Conveyance of real estate to the Public Real Estate Fund

We will convey to the Public Real Estate Fund the entire military housing fund and all pieces of real estate which do not have potential for us in the long term.