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The first Intergovernmental coordination group for harmonization of preparations for critical infrastructure protection, which functions under the umbrella of the Ministry of Defence, was established by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia in 2006. The Group was responsible for the analysis of major organizational and subject-matter aspects of the research project titled Definition and protection of critical infrastructure of the Republic of Slovenia, which was led by the Defence Research Centre of the Faculty of Social Studies at the request of the Ministry of Defence.

The group appointed in 2010 was mainly tasked with fulfilment of commitments deriving from the EU Council Directive on the identification and designation of European critical infrastructures and the assessment of the need to improve their protection. The tasks of the newly established group in 2012 are defined in the Government's decision and refer in particular to:

  • Harmonization and coordination of preparations and tasks regarding protection of critical infrastructure in the Republic of Slovenia,
  • Identification of critical infrastructure of national importance to the Republic of Slovenia (one of the major tasks),
  • Development of measures and procedures for protection of critical infrastructure under consideration of NATO and EU guidelines and positions,
  • Drafting proposals regarding bodies and organizations in charge of protection measures for critical infrastructure of national importance to the Republic of Slovenia.