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The Government of the Republic of Slovenia relieves Major General Dobran Božič from office and appoints Brigadier General Andrej Osterman as the new Chief of the General Staff

At today's session, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, following the proposal of the Minister of Defence, relieved Major General Dobran Božič from office of Chief of the General Staff as of 12 October 2014 and consented to the proposal of Minister of Defence to appoint Brigadier General Andrej Osterman as the next Chief to the General Staff as of 13 October 2014.

As part of the briefing process on the work and activities of organisational units and bodies affiliated to the Ministry of Defence, Minister of Defence Janko Veber sat in several talks with Slovenian Armed Forces leaders.

The Minister and the outgoing Chief of the General Staff Major General Dobran Božič discussed the situation and future activities of the Slovenian Armed Forces and Major General Božič expressed his wish to continue career in the international environment as Military Adviser at the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Slovenia to the United Nations in New York. General Božič agreed that the time when changes were made at the head of the Ministry of Defence was also appropriate time for his reassignment. The Minister respected General’s wish, because, in his opinion, the post of Military Adviser was an important international military post which required a highly competent military general with rich international experiences and had, in addition, been open since summer. General Božič fully adheres to the aforementioned criteria. For the Ministry of Defence, it is important that the most responsible military diplomatic posts are filled by candidates with the highest level of military knowledge and experiences.

Minister of Defence nominated Brigadier General Andrej Osterman to be appointed as Chief of the General Staff on the basis of his commanding experiences, participation in the process of Slovenian Armed Forces professionalization, his appropriate civil and military education, proper attitude towards his subordinates and colleagues as well as his vision of the Slovenian Armed Forces in the future, which reflects the needs of the changing environment.

Brigadier General Andrej Osterman is one of the most experienced Slovenian Armed Forces officers. Between 1991 and today, he has held a number of important commanding and staff positions in the Slovenian Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defence, namely Chief of Training Section at 5th Territorial Defence Regional Headquarters in Kranj; Commandant of 510th Training Centre in Ljubljana; Chief of Military Unit Officer School at MoD Military Schools Centre; Deputy Director of MoD Intelligence and Security Service; Chief of the Personnel and Legal Affairs Division at SAF Force Command; Chief of Staff at SAF Force Command; Chief of SAF Doctrine and Development Centre; Chief of SAF Verification Centre; Commander of SAF Support Command, Deputy Commander of SAF Force Command, and Deputy Chief of SAF General Staff.   

Brigadier General Osterman has appropriate civil and military education and has participated in a number of functional trainings. In 1986, he acquired his Bachelor of Laws degree from the Faculty of Law, Ljubljana. In 2005, he completed his master’s studies at the same faculty and in 2010 obtained his PhD from the Faculty of Logistics in Celje. In addition to other military professional trainings, he completed the General Staff Course at SAF Command and Staff School in 2000, and training at College of International and Security Studies of Marshall Center in Germany in 2001.

With his dedication and professional approach he has built a career of a successful and renowned commander both in the Slovenian Armed Forces and abroad. By setting an example and using his knowledge and military experiences, he has contributed importantly to the formation of the Slovenian Armed Forces and its reputation in international commands and the Alliance.  

Brigadier Osterman is a veteran of the War for Slovenia. He was member of the Manoeuvre Structure of National Defence and participant of the 1991 war for independence.